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Chronicles of Lost Qam
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Chronicles of Lost Qam
Not very long back, until Liberty s birth, there was the Land of Qam.
It was rich of woods nd mountains, rivers. Mahogany woods In Qam were used for instruments like guitar, harp, as for sculptures, bows, ships.
There were many small towns, units for vesting the most famous woods of the worlds, Mahogany.
The land was almost enclosed by Mountains from the East to the West, covering the Northern Territories having the most highest parts of Qam, and there was the Capital City of Qam and The Temple of Lights.
The Southern part had a coastline, had flat lands in the center, valleys and hills.
The Mountain areas having snow tops provided its water. Small streams fused together to three rivers providing the dry southern desert lands of water.
The West of Qam was bordering to Perzia, and Perzi and Qam had close ties for centuries. The North and East bordered to Northern lands mostly occupied by nomad tribes, horsemen. The Northern border was to hard to cross by the high mountains. There were some mountain passes in the North East.

Qam people could be chararterized as being very creative, artistic, peaceful, tolerant, spiritual, sharing, open, fair, true, loyal.
Even their wealth never really seemed to be a source for jealousy, greed. It was almost clear that each individual was aware of its importance to the community, nd... as such there was a community that confirmed this sense to each individual, an enduring self reinforcing cycle.
Being a most ideal nation Qam was not a paradise, but it was so obvious to each person that their wealth was a result of anyones wealth. ...And, most of all, people of Qam had so many resources to express their individual qualities, so there was no real need for having negative competitions between.

At time of Liberties birth there was a King, Shah Khan Zandieh. Curious enough maybe, this King was almost not ruling. And usually he was like all working on his skills. When he spoke to the people of Qam as King, he said: You are all Kings of Qam, I am because you are, not the other way
... But the people of Qam saw in him and his ancestors, as well in the next generations, the representative of them, of them as nation, of them as one unifying person.
There was no doubt there should be one King. And Qam always had Kings the people wanted to have. A not ruling King is showing that the people are doing well.
A not ruling King does things which a hard working nation cant do.... He is representing the nation throughout the world, nd makes that ideals, hopes, wishes, aims of their Liberty will arrive elsewhere too. Liberty is wealth. War nd repression break this balance.

Despite not being a warring nation Qam had was a vast army. As many Qam people were small, they were very athletic, knowing much secrets of body balance. Dance and fight at Qam was very near.
The ships of Qam were feared as they almost were unbeatable, made of best woods, by best craftsmen. ...Actually, what most characterizes Qam people is their passion, devotion. They just never give in, or die.

During the history there have been attempts to invade Qam. Also at time of LibertyFleas birth there was again a new force rising up to robe Qam of its wealth at every cost, every life. There was a plundering horde, a huge army of man that came from far, having made a clan of robbers. Most if not all were people without a history of passion or occupation.
The Eastern Region of Qam was most near to the horde and it was only a matter of time there would be the first battles.
It was the region where the youngest brother of the King was commander: Commander Prince Kalimdar Zand, with his wife Rhulla Mahogany, their two children, a twin, a boy and a girl.

The King, Angel, his brother Prince Kalimdar Zand, had two more brothers: Jor and Sam.
Jor and Sam served their regions, the south and the west respectively. The main Army was in the north at the Royal Capital, high up in the mountains.
There was also the tempel to worship Liberty, Serenity, Devotion.
The tempel was located under a waterfall and the ever shining sun beams gave a delightful scene of a fountain of light sparkles.
Each sparkle was seen as the sparkle of hope, a new day of light.

There then were series of combats at the eastern bothers. scouts of the hordes got active and started invading the lands.
...At that time it was clear something had gone wrong with the never ending balance of Qam, where a King is King by not ruling.... For, here it became clear that lack of ruling resulted in a serious defeat.

Commander Prince Kalimdar Zand fought several harsh battles nd managed in demolishing multi folds of the invaders armies. He was commander not without a cause, nd not only because he was prince, for he was a good commander as well. But he knew he needed support from the main army. So he notified his brother, the King already before the first attacks for sending the main army to the East.
The King did mobilize his main to head for the East, and his troops were on their way. However, they never arrived.... The army nd the King was never seen, nd also never seen in the East.

Princess Rhulla, Commander Prince Kalimdar Zand s wife, was pregnant. For some months back she still was very active visiting the harbors and towns, giving audiences, including about the dangers at stake.
She was a lovely, well seen and very wise woman. When she by surprise feels to expect another third princess, she stopped traveling nd stayed at the palace.
At the palace she made the preparations for a, given the context of danger, sad birth. For, how would the world be alike when the child is born? Her sadness made her sit for hours looking at the horizon, staring at the Northern sky, hoping to catch a signal of light, of hope, of freedom, nd Liberty to an unborn child....
There then it was clear to her the baby should be Liberty. Liberty has to to live on. ...Let liberty live on, nd let it shed lights to shine like a fountain of water crystals in the starlight. Let is open views, thoughts, ideals, wishes, attitudes, demands, needs.

At time of birth of the baby the palace was literally under fire. Liberty was born safe in a chamber down in the palace, a hidden room. Above invaders made a way into the palace nd Kalimdar Zand army just returned form a scouting and battle. The invaders already were plundering. An exhausted army rushed to support the palace guards. They succeeded in beating the robbers, many escaped. But the palace no longer was safe.
As has been written by escaped survivals after Qam finally got invaded and beaten, the first Light meeting the eyes of the baby princess Liberty came from the flashes of clashing swords between the invaders and Kalimdars army.

After invasion of the east the hordes also got to the other Regions.
Many Qam people found death, as Qam found destruction. Also unknown is what happened to Jor and Sam.
What is assumed is that still some more Qam people found escape, not all died. Yet no one is still to be found on former grounds. Qam people have spread into all safe directions, most using the sea, or mountain passages.

About several miles below the palace, in a valley, there was a town and a small royal residency. There was a stream of very blue water. It came creeping down the rocks having many jumping water falls and turns.
Hence this stream was also called The Flea.
Poets of Qam wrote about this river, being so gorgeous blue... this rivers waters is Qam s Royal Blood stream. On both sides of this so blue river even the growing flowers were blue. The blue rose, also being found there, was part of Qams Royal icons and flags.
Confirmed by some writings of survivors and a letter written by Prince Kalmidar to baby Princess Liberty, the prince must have foreseen that his army would not be able to resist the plundering hordes for long. At age of a week he took her to the residence near The Flea. There was a small boat made of mahogany which could be closed and was capable for a safe escape by using the still wild stream of The Flea. He there wrote his baby his letter and hided it well in one of his wives dresses. From that time he called the baby Princess LibertyFlea. LibertyFlea was set free by that boat and was sent by the Flea downstream to arrive at a quiet bay near the South Ocean where a loving family would be awaiting her arrival. But for still unknown reason the boat with the baby did not arrive at this family, instead she was found by a Dark Priesthood.

.) personal notes by Princess LibertyFlea

I never knew better than being a being, a tool, object. There was one woman in the house where I lived. There were many men, mostly they were dressed in black having their faces most of the time covered. Every day I was taken to dark temple where I had to work cleaning, brushing. Also I had to attend their rituals and listen. Some other children were there too, but we never were allowed to be with each, and we never spoke to each. All times to and from the chapel I was guided with more of these men. The woman was about the only one I felt some warmth and care, but she had to work and serve those men. I often was left alone in my own room and the door was locked. When older I also had to do the house cleaning, and being curious about keys I once found a key laying on a high shelve. When one day alone in the house again I wanted to know to which door this key was fitting. Near my room there was a door I never had seen. That day I opened that door and saw there only was a wooden boat, but most covered under sheets. Using a ladder I climbed inside the boat and inside I found lots of clothes, most beautiful dresses. I was tried several of these but then noticing one had a folded paper. I opened the paper and saw it was a letter. Reading it:

To My Lovely little one, Liberty,

When You read this I know You will be sad and alone, wondering about life, its meaning, as well as about Death.
It will mean you have found this letter too, and therefore keep hope.

Yes, we then have lost this battle here at the East where we were stationed to patrol the region, your mother, Princess of Qam. Lady Rhulla Mahogany, you little baby of 1 week, me, Prince and Commander of Qam, Kalimdar Zandieh.

...A disgrace for me to trust this event, still to happen, to this paper. When still alive looking at you my little love. There s but a little chance i can spare it to be read.
Evil is at the horizon and having its armies almost enclosed our region. Supporting troops from the King will arrive too late when we will be attacked within next days. Heroism here is only for spectators and of no other use than die in Freedom, stead to live on as slave.

We people of Qam, nd our entire nation are people to serve Art with all love and passion. We all are proud about the fame our creations found throughout the worlds. People of Qam all are Royal , Kings and Queens, they all have the true bluest blood.

Be proud too my child... Even now you must find your own way, alone, even if you will be like me and your mother, soft, peaceful, humble, nd hunted by a hunger to find a paradise, remember you too will succeed.
Do only what you can, nothing more, nothing less, like I will do soon to.

Yes my child, I now have to dress again as warrior and be the commander this nation deserves. We will fight as long our blood is running through our veins. None of us knows fears, but sadness that we have to leave the passion for creation to destruct and demolish an enemy that is doing so to us.
And yes, I am almost certain this battle we will loose.

I now will take you with me and drop your bed into a little boat. The stream of the river will take you safe from here, nd downstream a family already awaits the arrival of you princess. For this my little one, I call you now Lady Princess LibertFlea Mahogany Zandieh.

Be a good child for them, and then go to see the world. Try to be among the people all over the worlds.
You dont need to say who you are. Be who you are and Light may guide your paths.
I soon hope to join that Light and see you from the other site.

Dont come to us before you see all of the Light, and only then jump into. And dont keep waiting, it will appear to you when time is there for you. Until that, be liberty, be. Maybe add a little light too wherever you go nd be.

Love to you sweetest present of the Light,
your ever loving father,

You will be wrapped into your Mothers Dress to safe you for cold and water and to be recognized by the family to look after you, having this letter in your mothers wooden box. You will be given whats left for you at your 20 st sun.

... I felt something was making me like feeling high. I started feeling this letter was about me.
There then flashes of light showed up ...surrounding me, I almost felt like fainting. yet, I then felt alarmed, knowing I had to leave this room quickly before I would be found in this room.

Weeks after, I was 14 suns, this boat would again be my escape. A boy Andar I had seen a few times before and me would use it to use taking the South Ocean as our way out of there.
I never told Andar about the letter. We became lovers, and he learned me to play guitar, and meanwhile we were making our living by playing music and travelling from place to place. This was the happiest time of my life, and it seemed it would be endless. But it was nt.
One day I came back from the market shopping food and at home I found andar suffering terribly on the floor. I ran away to get me the shaman for help. When the Shaman and me came back we found him dead.
After I felt I was dead myself, and it took many moons to get over. But at one day I started to walk and I did nt stop until I got to the border of Samhara. Seeing the city of Ireem I again had these Light flashes, and there I fainted. I was found by a Djinn who brought me to Ireem.

- Only itching for the better, just being a True Blue Bloodletter -
[i]Shaazaade LibertyFlea Mahogany Zandieh [/i]
08-06-2014 06:03 PM
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RE: Chronicles of Lost Qam
...Coming back to Ireem last year, and finally feeling The Light, and those Light Spirits broke a chain to allow me to meet The Sultana of Ireem, when I got access to Her Palace, I now after all those moons having passed feel that my Journey and Quest still has not ended, and that having become Noble is not either. Although I did find a most remarkable note inside the Palace about my mothers second name also shows to have been Hakan, and suggesting The Sultana must have known about her, I was cautious with telling about this discovery.
At that time this was given in by a 'feeling', now I again think this feeling was given in by my guiding Light Spirit. ...Still not sure, I started to consider that I might have met the Dark Priesthood I ever escaped when I found out about my identity. When I lately started wondering about this, and my questions came out silently over my lips, I noticed that all the flames of my candles dimmed. In the dark I watched shadows of my past became more clear, giving me a most uncomfortable awareness, that their evil indeed might be in Ireem, ...and, has entered the Palace.
After having had this altered state, this terrible idea did not leave me anymore. That something was not quite right about the Palace already passed my mind, but, that evil was active, and even being inside, did not. Also I noticed that over the moon turns my condition gradually was worsening. But, still I have no clue how or by what. Most of the time I was locked inside my room, where I do my reading and study. ...The only thing I really did outside, was consuming the fruit bowls, skill myself as Majesties Princess, and saving the payments on my bank. But keeping away as far I could from those guards, as they were not at all giving me a safe feeling. Indeed, having made their front against me, and, as it seems, also were supported by more Nobles, were good reason enough. ...Could there be something wrong with the food ? For, how else could also a Princess start to act as being The Sultana ? And, why became the Guards so powerful at all, as if they are factually ruling the Palace now ? Or, could it be the book ? Why, do we all keep reading over that Book of Skills ? Do not we have other skills to be trained as well ? And, did our skill made us become better ? ....It is like all the skills did not do any good or better, not for many many moons. Not after The Sultana left.
And, despite all the Noble talks about being after peace, kindness, helping over and over again... It is like these are but phrases, repeating mantras... As if these are spoken from the mouth, but not from the heart, being a trance ...being like opium to lure the human mind.
What is Good, and what bad ? When good does not do any good, but maintaining an effortless state, lethargy, and keeps self pleasing ? What is bad when it is good in telling what is bad, and showing what is good ? ...What is bad about Dark, when allowing us to see The Light ? What is Good in Judging who is Bad, without any proof ?
What is wrong with dying, when life is ill, old, and causing suffer and agony. What is good about living, when being dead to others ? What is bad about living on when life ended without having finished a good aim in life ? ...What mortal can have a say in this, when only having read books, and living a life of sheep, following any random soul claiming to be the Truth, but without ever having been There ?
What is the benefit of thinking when it is caught inside men made frames, not being open for opposite, unknown, having less than idealized contents ?
What makes a Palace a Palace, when it does not live ? What makes a catacomb a catacomb, when it lives ?
What is Liberty when its being caged, not allowed, banned, robbed, deformed ?

I feel I am not home, but back in my past again. I feel I have to escape again from the same Priesthood.


- Only itching for the better, just being a True Blue Bloodletter -
[i]Shaazaade LibertyFlea Mahogany Zandieh [/i]
09-19-2014 01:52 PM
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Letter to Shansha
Murhabat, sun 15

Dear sweet Shansha,

Hoping you managed to reach Ireem safely after your departure from Perzia, and hoping this letter will be able to reach you there, I have a few new things on my heart which I have to share with you.

After we kissed goodbye my caravan brought me back to the Palace, and then there was an old man standing up short after I started walking to the main gate. He approached the guards, and while speaking to one of them, he pointed to me. The guard then came to me, and told me the old man gave him letter meant for me, asking me if I want to accept it. So I said yes, and he handed me that letter. I immediately unfolded it to read. He, that old man, wrote me he had important information he had to share with me in person.
I then told the guard to allow the old man to follow us inside the Palace, and then allowing him, and two of the guards to stay with us.
When we both seated I allowed the old man to introduce himself, and asking him about the purpose. He told me he lived in the City of Light in Qam, and that he was member of the circle of writers about Qam's history. He then told me he heard about my presence here at the Palace, and he had to tell me about The Light.
I told him what I knew about myself, my history, my journey 's, and being 'guided' by Light Sparkles, the spirits we talked about. The old man then started to explain me more about The Light and those spirits. The Light he said, should not be confused with an opposite entity also using light as its symbol of our God. That, that light is a deceiver, evil.
We also shared our ideas about that before, not very much new, but he also gave me more information about The Light, Qam, and as it now seems to me, also why Qam was determined to be destructed. Qam was an ideal state, having a perfect harmony where all humans could be a collective of the entire nation, yet it had to vanish because of that as well. This all was part of the will of The Light in order to let men see what is not there, and to make this emptiness becoming a striving in the hearts of all men of the world. As he said: “Let there be darkness so even the tiniest dot of Light can be seen by all.” He then told me that all other lights other than The Light will not be visible, as those lights are dark, untrue, evil. He told me we all will be able to see, receive The Light, when we are humble, willing to pray, surrender, trust the path the living Son of The Light, Jasu, offers. That, now times are evolving fast, evil is spreading over the world, to warn all of us to seek for The Light by Jasu. To refrain any longer from greed, filth, ignorance, to turn us to The Light during the darkest times coming to us.

Sweet Shan, I hope to meet you soon again, all well in Ireem. Let us hope Ireem will be safe and allowing us to see at least a glimpse of light. Please send me a letter after you received my letter, and about the search of the box.



- Only itching for the better, just being a True Blue Bloodletter -
[i]Shaazaade LibertyFlea Mahogany Zandieh [/i]
10-17-2015 08:15 PM
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