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Me and LibertyFlea.... We like to see KoS back
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Me and LibertyFlea.... We like to see KoS back
It has been some time ago that there was a Kingdom of Sand.
When I heard about its ending I was not much around.
According to my RP I was in Persia for further searches after my own background, and the land Qam East of Persia where I was born.
In real, OOC, I was refreshing, and recovering from the turns and shifts my RP character have had, and trying to find a reason, a good constructive add I should have to try to keep me going.

Knowing and accepting that the course of RP can affect my own part, and that it is my part again to get it back on track, I did feel that a few caused my character more than proportional harm, and that this had less to do with RP, but much to do with real intended harm, coming forth out of envy.
In short: I was part of the Palace Group, but a Palace Guard treated me as an invader, traitor, suspended me from the Palace, charged me for paying for penetrating the Palace…
I had liked to RP this out, but I did not get that chance, and of course not, because it was not meant to be just a RP ban.

This is just one illustration of how things were getting out of hand during that time after Zanlu Heron was no more active, and when it more and more seemed to be that the KoS owners also became less involved monitoring the RP rules.
KoS was already slowly dying.

My RP character was not that far from my real, and real life.
I wrote it to be this way in order to be a consistent being, and keeping the character close to my real I felt it was a good way to keep my character this way.
Before I entered the RP I coincidentally visited the sim, not being after a RP, but finding some outfits.

From the very beginning I came to SL because I wanted to use SL as a décor for making videos to add those to music I had and then was not on Youtube. Because posts on YT had to have a video format, I soon found it boring to post the music without some nice video.
During the first two years in SL, from 2008 to 2010 I already made a considerable amount of those posts, I had lots of subscribers being very thankful for the music I added, some also valued my videos.
Half of 2009 my partners health suddenly worsened vary badly, and soon after he died.

Being in music and living a happy life with partner is the time wherein my RP character Libertyflea is with the boy she once met playing guitar under a bridge with whom she then fled from a prison life, with whom she was playing music, dancing for a living, and traveling around.
His sudden death, like in my RL, was a turning point.
At about the same time my resources of unique, not yet posted music on YT also reached its end.
No wonder too that after having posted some many videos, each one different from the other, all of those factors converged o a black hole, emptiness, grief, being out of all of my resources.

Like the RP character I slowly got back on my feet, and then my feet started wandering. My RP character wandered over the world, arriving exhausted at the walls of Ireem.
I never was in a RP before, I felt highly insecure. I was looking for if and what.
Being in Ireem, as RP Character as well my Real, I strangely felt it was doing good to me.
I loved the ambience of the entire sim, and loved to see all those people being so devoted as RP ers. Some were stunning good, and I loved to see them play. It helped me forgetting about my RL circumstances and grief, and I started to sense some new, yet old feeling of myself.
Myself having Persian roots, but not having any clue about it.

Yet, as I was insecure, and by nature shy, I avoided the general RP. I did not come to Ireem to be an object of hunting nor being hunted. In fact, still being citizen without a group I wanted to become part of the Palace.
The only thing I then knew about the Palace Group was that it was a closed group.
It took me a long time before I first made an attempt to apply for a role inside. And, of course, I did so by means of RP, writing a letter to the Sultana telling her I was ever born as Princess of Qam, and hoping, thinking, feeling Sultana could help me.
Sadly, this letter never was answered.
Years later I made a second attempt, yet same result.

In between those years I trained swords fighting, for my RP character was born during an invasion of our palace, and the fire sparkles of clashing swords will have been the first light the baby saw when leaving the womb.
I hoped to become a Knight and as such become a trusty to the Sultana.
Sadly again, those knights more seemed to serve as a police brigade, never being valued. Either they obstructed the bad guys from getting another victim, or the victim blamed the Knights for not being there to save them. A real Knight life, and being some guard to defend the palace ,the royals was nearly to not the case. I returned to citizen

After all I then was allowed to the Palace Group.
This was after Zanlu already had left Ireem for nearly a year.
The Group itself was also revised by Kora. It no longer should be a closed group, although I can tell it still was kept closed by those running it.
Those who running it appeared to be divided in several camps, one claiming to be more close to the Sultana than the other, and claiming specific rights, treaties they got from Zanlu.
Again, this was far from just RP, it was bloody serious. Adult people envying others, being suspicious about the other.

I was not that much involved with other groups and their RP, but I more and more heard about similar things going on everywhere.
As far I am really able to know and to conclude, KoS was no more like it was before.
I noticed quite few old excellent RP ers had already left, making me wonder if they left because of this change.

The way KoS was during her last year surely was not one to go on, and like said, it was suffering her stage of decay. A very sad thing to see.

Still I terribly miss the KoS in her better times, I miss visiting the city of Ireem, even just for enjoying its ambience, its music, and the nice surprises which also were part.
I am sure not to be the only one missing KoS, and I hope the founders will ever return to rebuild one of, if not the best RP sims SL had ever seen.

I think the end of it was inevitable, even a must.
Yet, as must also baring the seed for its revival.

As I have tried to make clear in some other posts, it would be very nice to have Zanlu back, but the RP could also go on well without her, and without that many other wonderful RP ers KoS have had.

- Only itching for the better, just being a True Blue Bloodletter -
[i]Shaazaade LibertyFlea Mahogany Zandieh [/i]
05-18-2017 04:14 PM
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